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Tefzel® ETFE is a fluorocarbon-based polymer. ETFE is an abbreviation for the chemical name Ethylene TetrafluoroEthylene. and the Tefzel® brand of ETFE is manufactured only by DuPont. This material was introduced to provide a material with both corrosion resistance and mechanical strength over a wide temperature range. The fluoroplastic family offers plastics with high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation.


Tefzel® ETFE offers high purity, excellent chemical resistance, good permeability resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance over a temperature range of -300°F to +300°F (-185°C to +150°C). Tefzel® ETFE is available in sheet, rod and film forms. It is also available in a fabric-backed sheet for construction of dual laminate vessels or the lining of existing chemical vessels.


  • Process vessels — tank construction and lining
  • Wire and cables — insulation and jacketing
  • Cryogenic applications — super-cold refrigeration components
  • Valves — linings, seats, seals
  • Compressors & pumps – linings and components
  • Films — food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, optical recording, electroluminescent display panels
  • Electrical components — insulators, cable clamps
  • Gaskets — pressure, diaphragm, liquid gauge seals, fluid handling
  • Bearings — sleeve & thrust
  • Stock shapes — for machining components