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Kel F


PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene is a fluorocarbon-based polymer and is commonly abbreviated PCTFE. The Kel-F® brand is a registered trademark of 3M, but they discontinued production in 1995. The only remaining brand, Neoflon®, is made by Daikin Industries of Japan. This PCTFE resin has the same chemical structure and properties as the original Kel-F® brand material.


PCTFE offers the unique combination of physical and mechanical properties, nonflammability, high optical transparency, chemical resistance, near zero moisture absorption, and excellent electrical properties. These characteristics cannot be found in any other thermoplastic fluoropolymer with a useful temperature range of -400°F to +400°F (-240°C to +204°C).

PCTFE also has extremely low outgassing (0.01% TML, 0.00% CVCM, 0.00% WVR when tested per ASTM E-595-90), so it is suitable for use in aerospace and flight applications.


  • Cryogenic applications — super-cold refrigeration components
  • Valves — seats, stems, seals
  • Seals — lips, o-rings, v-rings, special construction seals
  • Compressors & pumps
  • Films — food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, optical recording, electroluminescent display panels
  • Gaskets — pressure, diaphragm, liquid gauge seals, fluid handling
  • Bearings — sleeve & thrust
  • Stock shapes — for machining components

KEL-F is a registered trademark of 3M Company.

NEOFLON is a registered trademark of Daikin Industries.