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Ultem® PolyEtherImide (PEI) is an amber transparent high performance polymer which combines high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures with long term heat resistance. Ultem® offers excellent dimensional stability combined with broad chemical resistance.
Ultem® is also inherently flame resistant and low smoke generating. It excels in medical reusable applications requiring repeated sterilization and is available in FDA compliant colors.


Ultem® 1000 – unfilled

Unfilled Ultem® excels in hot air and water environments. It’s hydrolitically stable — it retains 85% of tensile strength after 10,000 hour boiling water immersion and 100% of tensile strength after 2,000 steam autoclave cycles at 270°F. It is also UV and gamma radiation resistant.

Ultem® 2100 – 10% glass filled

Ultem® 2200 – 20% glass filled

Ultem® 2300 – 30% glass filled

Glass reinforced Ultem® provides even greater rigidity and dimensional stability while maintaining many of the useful characteristics of basic Ultem®. The glass reinforcement yields a product with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and increased tensile strength.

ULTEM is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.