TRITEC utilizes the performance characteristics of PTFE to produce high-volume orders in a short amount of time, thanks to the gains in efficiency allowed through the auto-molding process. Auto-molding, also referred to as automatic compression molding, allows for the customization of PTFE components with less waste and less machining. By making multiple parts to size, we are able to save time and money for our customers.


TRITEC can engineer specialty, hand-molded PTFE products for your most advanced pieces of machinery. Hand-molding PTFE, also known as manually-molded, is the perfect solution for small-batch seals requiring a high quality material structure and powerful physical properties. From coal mining equipment, to turbo chargers, to everything in-between, TRITEC’s over 1,000 sets of interchangeable tools will help us create your custom solution while meeting and exceeding your tolerance specifications.