When looking at PTFE material wear properties, a factor between 1 & 10 is outstanding and between 10 and 100 is good. On its own, virgin PTFE has a wear factor of 5,000 so it is easy to see why a filler is necessary to prolong the wear life of PTFE. TRITEC uses all of the standard fillers necessary to achieve the required life expectancy for standard applications. These fillers are necessary because PTFE on its own does not offer the wear factor necessary to withstand the friction caused when in contact with the shaft. The quality of both the virgin PTFE and the chosen filler needs to be controlled very closely in today’s global market. That is why, back in 2010, TRITEC formed TRITEC Polymers.

With the addition of TRITEC Polymers, TRITEC has been able to produce the highest quality PTFE products in the industry. It has also allowed us to create unique and proprietary blends for our customers, giving them a competitive advantage by providing sealing solutions with longer life. Because we control the sourcing of the resin, the formulation, molding and sintering of the selected blend, our customers are assured that their PTFE seals have the proper tensile strength and elongation needed for successful sealing. These two properties are critical to how the PTFE responds in the application for which it is designed. We will be happy to offer you the competitive advantage you require; just contact us and we will begin the process!

PTFE Description Application Range Temp Range °F Friction Rating
TRILONPS® TP-3115 Light duty service, FDA approved, Excellent for cryogenic and low molecular weight gas service -320 to 500 Lowest
TRILONPS® TP-3102 General purpose. Good wear in soft shaf applications. High speed & lower pressures. -320 to 500 Low
TRILONPS® TP-3100 Excellent resistance to heat and wear. Recommended for dry or semi-dry applications. Good in liquids and steam. Graphite added for lubricity. -320 to 550 Low
TRILONPS® TP-3113 Excellent wear and heat resistance. High pressure applications, good in hydraulic oil. Abrasive in rotary service against soft metals unless lubricated. Molybdenum added for lubricity. -320 to 550 Moderate
TRILONPS® TP-5114 FDA compliant. Exceptionally strong and prolongs life of the base PTFM. Abrasive in rotary service against soft metals. -250 to 550 Moderate
TRILONPS® TP-3105 Excellent in dry service with low wear rate in vacuum and inert gases. Very low abrasion to dynamic mating surface. Good in food applications and oil service. NOT good in water. -450 to 550 Low
TRILONPS® TP-5202 FDA compliant. Excellent wear and heat resistance. Excellent for high RPM applications. Good in both dry and liquid applications. -320 to 550 Low
TRILONPS® TP-XXXX We will custom blend, sinter, and mold a filled PTFE compound to provide you with the best material available for your application. TBD TBD