Mechanical seals that are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ seals

TRITEC offers a wide range of mechanical seals designed to service the global rotating equipment market with flexibility to be interchangeable with competing manufacturers’ seals without modification to existing seal housings or gland plates.

Seal life can be highly influenced by selection of elastomer type and seal face materials. At TRITEC, we have the expertise to select the appropriate material for maximum performance.

Mechanical Seal Configurations:

‘O’ Ring Mounted


  • Small cross-section
  • Completely recessed o-ring housing
  • Easily accommodates confined housings
  • Axial and radial directions

PTFE Wedge

  • Spring loaded for tight contact with shaft
  • Ideally suited for chemical process pumps and other aggressive media applications

Rubber Diaphragm

  • Strong static seal
  • Shaft fretting, wear and hang up eliminated
  • Seal shafts rotating in either direction and vacuum applications

Rubber Bellows

  • Compact design
  • Accommodates misalignment, end-float, seal face wear
  • Ideal for media prone to clogging or hygienic applications

TRITEC vs Competition: 

Manufacturing Seal faces and sealing products are assembled in the USA Assembled in China or Mexico
Price Lower cost for higher quality seals Higher price on competing seals
Lead Time Most seals in stock for fast shipping Unknown
Support Seal specialists on staff Unknown
Overall Seal Range Mechanical, rotary lip and spring energized seals Exclusively mechanical seals

Industries Served:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Water Process
  • Marine
  • Refrigeration
  • Pool & Spa
  • General Industry
  • Mining
  • Semi conductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Chemical Processing
  • Leisure
  • Oil & Gas

Mechanical Seal Downloads

Mechanical Seals Flyer

Mechanical Seals


Mechanical Seals Form

Mechanical Seals Form

Data Sheet

Types A4 / A4J

Types A4 / A4J

Data Sheet

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