TRITEC offers Spring Energized Seals in a wide variety of PTFE blends for your hard to seal applications such as extreme temperature, high pressure, high speed or corrosive environments.

Service Conditions:

• Temperature: -268°C (-450°F) to +316°C (+600°F) • Pressure: Vacuum up to 3448 bar (50,000 psi) • Low and controlled friction • Broad chemical resistance

Common Applications:

• Brakes • Fuel controls, pumps, valves • Gearboxes • Hydraulic systems • Mixers • APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit) • Scrapers across various platforms • Static seals in utility and landing gear actuation systems • Oxygen systems • Cryo coolers • Aircraft engines • Fuel control systems • Medical and laboratory instrumentations • Semiconductor processing equipment • Pumps, valves and compressors • Oilfield equipment • Automotive and motorsport • Food processing equipment

Energized Spring Seal Configurations:

Cantilever V-Spring


  • 000 – 500 Series
  • Radial, Face, Tandem, Nested and Custom Configurations

Helical Spring


  • 000 – 500 Series
  • Radial, Face, and Custom Configurations

Full Contact Spring


  • 200 – 500 Series
  • High-Load Cryo Face and Custom Configurations

Canted Coil Spring


  • 000 – 400 Series, Custom Sizes and Loads
  • Radial, Face, Tandem, and Custom Configurations

Spring Energized Seal Downloads

Spring Energized Seals

Spring Energized Seals

Data Sheet

PTFE Seal Care

PTFE Seal Care


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