October 8, 2015

PTFE and Agriculturenews

Long gone are the days when farmers only needed a horse and plow to tend to their fields. In fact, technological advances are made every day in the farming industry because it’s such an incredibly essential part of our economy! Farming is also quite complex – there’s a lot that goes into the planting, growing, and harvesting of these products. When combined with the equipment required to package and transport the harvest, it makes for a very involved business!

PTFE seals are used in a number of agricultural applications, thanks to their long life span. A high pressure seal made from PTFE is a reliable addition to any agricultural application that requires a seal because it is resistant to corrosion, friction, dirt, contaminants, chemicals, and heat. Not to mention its ability to hold up through any weather condition, an especially important feature for any agricultural equipment. Elastomeric seals do not offer these benefits, and as a result tend to wear out quickly. PTFE plays a major part in the proper operation of agricultural equipment and its processes.

Biodiesel fuel: Often used in farming equipment, biodiesel fuel has been known to quickly deteriorate elastomeric seals. Not the case with PTFE!

Hydraulic fluid: Large tractors, plows, and irrigation systems are often powered by hydraulics. PTFE has been proven to be the best sealing material in hydraulic systems.

Fertilizer and pesticides: PTFE seals are the ideal addition to any type of pump that handles fertilizer or pesticides due to its ability to keep contaminants out!

For over 27 years, TRITEC has been providing world-class sealing solutions to the agriculture industry. We protect your bottom line by sealing your equipment with the most innovative and trustworthy engineered sealing solutions – helping you with the important job of feeding America! Whether you need to seal a gear box in a harvester, or the oil pump in a front loader, partner with TRITEC for all of your sealing requirements.