For over 20 years, TRITEC has been solving sealing issues for all types of compressors and blowers.

Whether it’s a screw or piston compressor, or a lobe blower, we have sealed them all. TRITEC has made sure that America’s food being transported cross country has stayed fresh with our seals in ThermoKing refrigeration systems. If you have a Carrier or Trane AC unit, then in the heat of the day you can thank a TRITEC seal for keeping you cool. So whether you need to seal air or keep process gasses out, our sealing solutions will keep your compressors or blowers consistently doing their job. Our PTFE seals offer a broader range of service and longer life than any elastomeric seal can give you. Contact our engineering team if you want to sleep better at night knowing your units are performing as they should, 24/7.