TRITEC has been a leading manufacturer of PTFE seals for all types of pumps and their motors for nearly 30 years.

Whether it is an industrial water pump, a hydraulic fan pump or a vacuum pump, we have over 90 years of combined sealing experience to provide you with the seal that will prevent leaks in even the worst scenarios. Our seals are used in hydraulic and water pumps in several industries including agriculture, construction, waste treatment, and transportation (locomotives).

Hydraulic Pumps

TRITEC is the leader in designing and manufacturing PTFE seals for hydraulic pumps and motors.

The properties of PTFE and the blends that we use allow us to engineer and manufacture the best seals in the industry.  Our decades of experience in sealing hydraulic oil is second to none. With the best lead time from prototype to production in the industry, you will have your equipment up and running in no time!

Water Pumps

TRITEC’s PTFE seals have been used in water pumps for decades.

We have sealed water pumps used in diesel locomotives as well as centrifugal and sliding vane pumps. Whether your water pump is used for a high performance race engine, a transfer station, or a locomotive, our PTFE seals will keep your water flowing where and when you need it! TRITEC PTFE seals offer a broader range of service and longer life than any elastomeric seal can give you. It can even be used in place of a costly mechanical seal. Give our engineering staff a call today and let us work toward providing you with a cost effective and reliable sealing solution.

Vacuum Pumps

TRITEC recognized a need in the vacuum pump industry over 20 years ago.

This longstanding need for reliable, high quality seals and wear sleeves that would allow both OEM and vacuum pump rebuilders to significantly improve their product warranties was achieved by TRITEC. Because of our legacy and cutting edge engineering skills, we have been able to work with both OEMs and rebuilders alike to solve some of the most troublesome conditions that have plagued this industry. Whether it was sealing oil, fomblin, or corrosive process gasses, our combination of seals, wear sleeves and even spring energized seals have been no match for previous competition. If you want to reduce and/or eliminate your warranty returns, then you need to look at our custom sealing solutions.