September 22, 2015

Success Story Series: Baldor Electric Companynews

Premature equipment failures miles under the Earth’s surface are what prompted Baldor Electric Company to contact TRITEC for help.

Baldor Electric Company predominately used elastomer seals in their electric motors that were powering Joy Global mining equipment. As the need for more output was soaring, less tonnage was being extracted from the Earth because of the elastomer seals’ slow rpm limitations. The shafts could only turn at 3,600 rpms, and the drag from the elastomer seal consumed a tremendous amount of energy.

TRITEC’s engineers analyzed the situation and developed a custom sealing solution consisting of a combination of seal profiles, specially formulated, blended, filled PTFE seals, and various wear sleeves. Depending on the specific application, some wear sleeves were made of bronze, and others had a layer of silicon carbide applied to the surface due to the extremely aggressive and abrasive media present.

By implementing this TRITEC sealing solution, Baldor’s electric motors had rpms increase from 3,600 to over 6,000, which was great for their customer, Joy Global. The wear sleeves we engineered and provided allowed for nearly three times the life of elastomer seals. As a bonus, because of the properties of the filled PTFE used, the excellent running surface provided, and the enhanced seal profiles, TRITEC’s sealing solution reduced the electrical consumption as well!

If you are experiencing premature equipment failures, TRITEC can determine if there is a better sealing solution for your needs. If you (or your customer!) need to crank up your rpms or extend your sealing life, we have the expertise and expansive knowledge to engineer a complete sealing solution for you. Contact TRITEC and let us keep your equipment up and running longer!