August 21, 2015

Tritec Success Stories | Tritec Seal

Success Story Series: Ingersoll Randnews

Ingersoll Rand first called TRITEC for help after their compressors began experiencing catastrophic failure at astonishing rates. Our engineers stepped in and analyzed what was causing the mechanical seals to fail. The problem? We determined that the seals were under-lubricated, causing them to run dry and then fail as a result.

We designed a complete specialized package to solve the problem Ingersoll Rand was having. The solution was comprised of a system of two oil seals, a wear sleeve, and an an installation tool kit. Their shaft was stainless steel so that the engineered wear sleeve provided the proper seal running surface. Our hydrodynamic PTFE seals help pump the oil away, and the installation tool allowed for a simple installation process both out in the field and on the production line!

As a preventative measure, the TRITEC engineers also helped Ingersoll Rand develop a new scavenge system for monitoring and controlling the oil levels on their compressors. This resulted in:

  • Longer machine life
  • Regularly scheduled service
  • Elimination of warranty issues due to seal failure
  • Thousands of dollars saved
  • Over 20,000 total machine service hours

If you are experiencing premature seal failure, whether it’s with a mechanical seal or other type of seal, please give our experts at TRITEC a call. We will design and manufacture a sealing solution that will give a longer life to your component, whether it’s a compressor, a pump, or a gearbox. Most importantly, our solutions will give you happy customers, too!  We look forward to working with you soon!