How do we make sure we’re using the best quality products possible? By having our most important supplier right down the road!

Founded by Rory Scheving and Brad Sekulich of TRITEC, TRITEC Polymers’ initial purpose was to ensure that customers were receiving the best PTFE product available. In 2008 PTFE was in unprecedented demand, creating an increased potential for lower quality resin. As a result Brad and Rory created what is now one of the most innovative and highest quality PTFE molders in the world. Because of their unique market position, TRITEC Polymers has formed a great relationship with AGC (the largest PTFE resin blender in the world). This relationship has allowed for enormous progress in the industry: new PTFE blends and groundbreaking molding and sintering processes. The result? A better seal and a long life for your application.

Give us a call and let us design an economical, best in class, PTFE rotary lip seal for your specific application that most likely wasn’t available to you before!

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