September 3, 2015

Where You’ll Find PTFE in Motorsportsnews

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has an interesting history and has been used in a number of ways over the years. There is, of course, the best-known PTFE brand Teflon® – the miracle cookware coating. But PTFE is also used in aerospace and computer wiring, and it’s even coated the fiberglass dome of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. But the Metrodome isn’t the only sports-related application for PTFE. Because it’s so slippery and resistant to extreme temperature changes and chemical reactions, PTFE is an excellent component for many parts such as bearings, gears and seals – like those used in so many motorsport vehicles. So, what role does PTFE play in the exciting world of motorsports? Choose your vehicle and we’ll tell you!

Racing cars and trucks: TRITEC Seal’s PTFE rotary lip seals can be found in the race cars of nearly every NASCAR team, ensuring reliability for the chassis, drive train, and accessory drive systems. In addition to these high pressure seals, PTFE is now part of fuel hoses of many high performance vehicles. Relatively recent changes in fuel additives have shortened the life span of rubber fuel hoses, and PTFE, with its extreme temperature durability and chemical inertness, has been an ideal addition to fuel hoses.

Motorcycles: Because of its ability to withstand high vibrations and temperature extremes, PTFE is an important component of a motorcycle’s piston seals. It can also be found in chain lubricant and some motorcycle oil.  TRITEC seals can be found in American iconic brands such as Harley Davidson.

Boats: High performance boats such as MasterCraft use TRITEC’s seals to improve the output of their inboard shaft drive systems.  PWC’s such as SeaDoo’s also take advantage of TRITEC’s engineered sealing solutions by using our PTFE rotary lip seals as well as wear sleeves in all of their PWC models.   PTFE is often part of boat wax because of its ability to repel dirt and stains, and offer a high-sheen finish.

Riding mowers: Believe it or not, PTFE can even be found in the specialized sport of lawnmower racing! It is sometimes a part of the lubricant for belt pulleys. (As a side note, have you ever seen a lawnmower race? If not, check one out on YouTube!).  TRITEC’s PTFE rotary oil seals are used extensively in John Deere riding lawn motors to seal the crankshaft.

Go-karts: Go-kart racers may use a lubricant that includes PTFE, or it may also be part of the seal on a kart’s ceramic bearings (although there are a number of healthy debates about whether ceramic bearings make any significant difference in performance over standard bearings. But that’s another story!)

No matter your sealing needs: extreme motorsports or otherwise, TRITEC Seal has you covered. Get in touch and let us help you with the solution you’ve been looking for.